Which power bank to choose? You should pay attention to this when buying a power bank

A power bank is a charger that accompanies us more and more in everyday life. Therefore, choosing the right model is a somewhat complicated task. A multitude of manufacturers, models, technologies and designs does not make the situation easier. This article will tell you exactly what to look for when choosing a power bank to best serve you.

Capacity issues

The key question is to decide how much capacity you really need. It mainly depends on the battery capacity of your devices – the greater the power requirements, the more power bank you need. With an output of 10,000mAh, you can charge the smartphone twice on average; 30,000 mAh Powerbanks are even sufficient for 8 recharges. If you would like to know how often your battery can be charged with the power bank, please see another article on our blog.

Our offering currently includes three power banks of different capacity and size.

Green Cell PowerPlay10 – enjoy the benefit wherever you are

Green Cell’s latest power bank. As the name suggests, the capacity of this model is 10,000mAh, which allows you to charge your smartphone 2-3 times. This model is equipped with three fast charging ports: two USB-A ports with Ultra Charge charging technology and one USB-C port with support for an 18W power supply. Another advantage is the pass-through function, i.e. simultaneous charging of Powerbank and connected devices. Thanks to its small size and its weight of only 197 grams, it fits easily in your pocket.

Xiaomi ZMI Aura QB822 – a compromise between size and capacity

Xiaomi’s power bank with its 20,000mAh capacity provides your devices with more power. It is equipped with two Quick Charge 3.0 ports and a USB-C port with power support. Due to its capacity, it is much larger and heavier – it weighs 363 grams.

Green Cell 30,000 mAh – for the most demanding users

It is certainly the largest power bank in our range. This model will meet the needs of the most demanding users. With a capacity of up to 30,000 mAh, it can charge your smartphone up to 8 times! Fast charging is provided by two ports that support Quick Charge 3.0, and the power bank itself can be powered by a micro USB or USB-C port. Due to its large capacity, the device weighs 570g, which does not prevent you from carrying it in your pocket or backpack.

Denken Sie an die Extras

Many models are characterized by the fact that in addition to the obvious charging function, they also offer a number of additional gadgets or improvements. Before you buy, it is good to know if the model you are looking for has any accessories that you think are important. Below is a list of frequently available extras:

Fast charging port – remember that the power bank should power your devices as soon as possible. Thanks to the fast charge connections, you can reduce the time required 3.5 times.
Additional charging ports – allow simultaneous charging of up to three devices
Charge status display – displays the charge status of the external battery, some models have a digital display Pass-through
function – possibility of simultaneous charging of the external battery and the connected device

Design and color

Of course, we won’t give any advice on this. Everyone has their preferences for color and shape. We are confident that after this article you will find a suitable power bank for your needs. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!